Wood Farm Primary School

Wood Farm School
Life at Wood Farm Primary School

Reach Higher

I challenge myself

I aim high, and I'm not put off if things seem hard

I know I can be part of the best

See Further

I'm imaginative - I like ideas, and I like other people's ideas

I know about different places in the world

I'm good at coming up with different possibilities

Shine Brighter

I get on well with other people

I'm proud of what I do well, I'm proud of my school and I know where I'm going

I'll help you shine too!

Welcome to Wood Farm School

The school is now closed to all children, until further notice.

Emergency childcare provision is available is only to those children whose parents are working in nationally critical roles, and who cannot make other arrangements for their children to be safely cared for at home.  Please do not send children to school unless we have confirmed a place with you. 

Please see the latest news item for further information about childcare for critical workers


Home learning

Whilst school is closed for the majority of pupils, teachers are providing learning for children than can be accessed at home in a number of different ways. Please click here to find out more.


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