Wood Farm Primary School

Year 1 Ladybirds Class 2022

Were you in Frogs class last year? Hello, my name is Miss Hazell and I am going to be your teacher this year!

Here is a little bit about me:

  • I have been a teacher for 5 years
  • I like to draw and paint pictures
  • I love to read books
  • I take my dog on lots of walks in the countryside
  • My favourite snack is a juicy red apple

I can’t wait to teach you and find out all about you too!

Did you know that ladybirds are considered good luck in many cultures? This is because ladybirds eat all the aphids that damage farmers’ crops. Ladybirds can eat up to 50 aphids each day! Ladybirds also work together as a team to repel predators and hibernate during the winter. They are known to be resilient minibeasts with their hard shells and love to open their wings and fly through the air. Although ladybirds are predators, eating aphids and other small insects, they are friendly and harmless to humans and animals.

As part of Ladybirds class, we will:

  • Be hungry to learn
  • Work together as a team
  • Always try our best
  • Have fun
  • Be kind!

Have a lovely holiday, and I'll see you soon!